5 Ways Social Media Can Cost You Your Relationship!

People have definitely warmed up to the idea of living an online life; where every detail of their mundane lives are posted on the web. It is certainly an exciting new world that we are living in these days but some couples are starting to find out that what happens between them doesn’t always stay that way. Across the generational lines people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and over are trying to deal with these issues in their own way but they can mostly agree about some certain “No, No’s” that are deal breakers for anyone in a relationship in the Social media age.

Dating a monitor

If you happen to be spending more time on the screen than vis-a-vis then you surely need to reconsider your relationship. Not only would that mean that you will have a tough time in real life, but since you are not exactly accessible in real life either, then you will risk being told off in front of the entire world on your Facebook, just ask John Mayer.

Having a Profile Dedicated to Opposite Sex Friends Only

We Finally ...Meet?

We Finally... Meet?

There are various types of jealousy in the world, someone might be jealous when their partner looks a hottie on the streets and others won’t blink an eye if their partner flirts with their best friend. Whatever your definition of jealousy might be, in my humble opinion, everyone can agree that having a Facebook profile dedicated to flirting with people of the opposite sex is just plain sleazy.

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