How Safe Are You? Privacy and Risks in Social Networks

It is true that social media platforms can suck your time like a vampire turning you into an ethereal zombie wandering in the post-Internet’s waste land. Furthermore, they have the power to expose you to the pleasures of experiencing a thousand and one nights of pain and to bring you ridicule by your ex or even spin your moral compass so fast that it might stunt your emotional growth that of a whole generation. Still, those are problems for later decades and a different generation.


How social media allows you to experience pain anytime

For the rest of us, using social media networks bears some serious risks to our lives, and no I’m not talking about that “life” where you went broke playing Texas Hold’em and you would have to wait 24 hours before you can carry on with your addiction. I’m talking about risks that would directly impact your financial, legal, or health and might cause irreparable damage to any or all of those.

Honestly, all joking aside, how much time do you spend thinking about the repercussions of anything you do on social networks?

How about that new friend that you recently added and perhaps are falling for ? Is she really a girl ? Or is she just seeking her 15 seconds of e-fame ?

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