First Dutch #Twedding… Who’s Next?

“Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband till… Twitter do you part?”

Apparently, traditional wedding are going out of style and social media is becoming the way to go!

A week ago, Holland witnessed the events of the first wedding concluded via Twitter: The groom-to-be proposed via Twitter and the bride-to-be accepted in the same way. They invited people via Twitter and the actual wedding ceremony could be followed via Twitter as well.

Take a look at the video below (it’s in Dutch yet a picture says a thousand words!)

Dutch Twedding!

Is Romance Dying? This Twitter Proposal Suggests So!

Allow me to begin this post by stressing one rather important fact: “Some girls would not accept being proposed to on Twitter, I am one of those girls!”

Therefore, after having read the article about this guy’s Twitter proposal, I felt the need to express both my anger and disappointment about the way the heart felt, old-fashioned, traditional romance seems to be diminishing; washing away into oblivion, day by day!

I wonder now: What happened to the world, to us, to the sincere, highly valued well-planned events and occasions? What happened to the times when the man would go down on one knee, hide the ring in a champagne glass or even pop the question on the linescreen during a football game?

Proposal Caricature

Proposal Caricature

It is truly unnerving to me to think that real romance might be in a heavy coma, in a vegetable-like state, living on machines and wires, waiting for the final plug to be pulled!

Frankly, when I read the article that stimulated this response, my first reaction was: Social media is to blame, just like all the other mishaps and dysfunctions that have been blamed on social media. But after taking some time to think about it, I realized that it is our duty to protect what we believe in and care for; which is why I decided to bring this up here!

Social media might be evil sometimes and it might not be enough for maintaining friendships yet we should not allow it to be an obstacle in the way of true romance!

Therefore, in conclusion, I urge you to think about this and let me know what you think: Would you propose or accept a proposal through Twitter? Do you think romance is really being influenced by social media? Or is the way we are leading our hectic lives the main reason behind this?

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