Information Overload [image]

What is better than an infograph? An infograph about the internet :)

This nifty infograph called “A day in the Internet” is a little mind blowing. We all know that there is TONS of information being shared online through email, l media sites, and mobile technology, but when it is compared to something as regular as a photo album, one can’t help but be a little humbled.

Here are the statistics:

A Day in the Internet

An average day online is basically information overload

An average day online is basically information overload

Created by Online Education. Click on Image to Enlarge.

Is User-Generated Content Dumbing Down Media?

With this information overload, I can’t help but have a little debate in my head on whether or not this plethora of user-generated content is making the world a better or worse place. Of course, I personally think it’s making the world a better place,  but I am a digital utopian, which makes my opinion rather biased.

It reminds me of Andrew Keen’s book “The Cult of the Amateur” where he argues that “what the Web 2.0 revolution is really delivering its superficial observations of the world around us rather than deep analysis, shrill opinion rather than considered judgment.” This is what happens, he says, “when ignorance meets egoism meets bad taste meets mob rule.”

What do you think? Is media for better or for worse, with the increasing importance of user-generated content?

There Are People Who Tweet By Fax! The Perfect Granny Xmas Gift :D

While we said half-jokingly that there is a Twitter by snail mail service, we never imagined that there is an actual market for it!

Apparently, 87 year old Dorothy Miller uses a service called Celery to update her Twitter and Facebook accounts by fax to stay in touch with her family. Yes, the old telefax! She is also a fan of short messages since she complains about how her daughter “she talks too much and it takes too much of my time, but she can read my Twittering here and see can see what her mother is doing.”

The Celery service also supports RSS feeds, blogs and email. You can also receive full attachments and color copies of your emails. Now I wonder how people using this service will understand what an RSS feed is in the first place.

Any ideas? Will you give this to your Granny is Christmas?

HOW TO: Blog About the Latest News Scoops Using Yahoo! Pipes (Part 1)

Thoughtpickers take you on a short “How To” tutorial to collect fresh news, filter and sort it out via Yahoo! pipes in order to be the first to come up with a news scoop.

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