Top 10 Social Media Golden Posts: Rules, Tips & Know-How’s!

At Thoughtpick, we don’t claim to be social media gurus – because… don’t get me started! However, we place a great deal of our time and effort researching and analyzing the most up-to-date and informative news, reviews and advice to bring to you a better, more beneficial social media experience.

Therefore, in this post, I am compiling for you our top 10 social media golden posts, with a brief summary on each, in order to make it easier for you to locate, read and further gain deeper insights from our experience in this field.

1. 10 Social Media Campaigns that Rock! Learn How to do the Same!

The Social Media Basket!

The Social Media Basket!

This post seeks to provide you with answers for the following questions: What defines an exemplary social media campaign? What are the elements necessary to capture consumers’ attention and bring about interest and participation in any given social media campaign? How can we measure the success of a social media campaign?

2. 10 Social Media Campaigns that Failed! Avoid their mistakes!

Contrary to the aforementioned post, this post tries to define a failed social media campaign as well as the factors and elements that drive a social media campaign to its doom in addition to listing the lessons learned from failed campaigns.

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Blocked on Twitter…

Someone on Twitter once said “Twitter is the theater of the mind…”. While many might disagree, claiming that it is a waste of time and energy, I strongly feel positive when it comes to my overall Twitter experience in terms of interaction and learning. Despite that, I still have some negative vibes towards those who abuse their Twitter presence, leading me to, sadly, block them!

Twitter Block

Twitter Block

So, with that said, what are the things one should take into consideration when using Twitter? And how does an active Twitter user, seeking more business or communication opportunities, avoid being blocked on Twitter?

A few months ago, I posted an article about my personal experience on Twitter and the lessons I learned from that experience. Luckily, the article turned out to be a success and the dos and don’ts I listed gained a lot of popularity and appreciation.

Today, this post is dedicated to the top 10 tips I have for Twitter users who want to avoid getting blocked on Twitter, again, from my own personal experience.

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Blocked on Twitter:

Apart from the standard well known tips that Twitter provides on its blog, there are other ways of conduct that can get you blocked. Here they are as I see them:

  1. NEVER add your followers’ names in your ad tweets! It might seem appealing, it might seem lucrative but trust me, it is annoying and I have deleted and blocked many of those I was following for that reason!
  2. Don’t just tweet rambles! In a post we published a few months back, we spoke of 15 types of Twitter users, amongst those there were 3-4 types that were in the red zone: the annoying types and ramblers were on that list! Yes, I want to know that you just woke up and you’re drinking your coffee, but I also want to learn new things from you!
  3. Don’t be selfish! If I care enough to retweet you, you should be able to do the same or else you don’t deserve me following you and I will eventually block you. Sharing is caring and retweeting is as well.
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