Green is the New Black: A Mobile Campaign with Potential!

In fashion, black has always been “the trend”; it is a classic and never gets old, dull or boring.

Nowadays, I see green mobiles having the potential to turn into trendy and highly used and adopted phones, if special attention and clever strategic thinking are used to decide how they will be marketed, where and to whom.

Stay Connected, With a Cause!

As I read The Most Exciting Developments In Green Cell Phones, my interest in this category of mobile phones grew, encouraging me to find a unique and fresh approach to promote them in order to be a part of a bigger cause: helping the environment! I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a phone that uses solar power cells, non-toxic recyclable plastic and eco-friendly paints?

Sticky Phone concept by Liu Hsiang-Ling

Sticky Phone concept by Liu Hsiang-Ling

Since these phones are meant to reduce toxic waste without forcing you to give up your mobile communication habit – or even addiction, combining fashion, trend, creativity and eco friendliness in one product should be able to pay off depending on some major factors.

Samsung Swype vs. iPhone: Faster touch typing… not! [video]

Samsung Omnia introduces Swype, a supposedly faster way to type mobile text messages: “…a way to type blindingly fast on a touchscreen.” Gizmodo

Allow me to elaborate further: Swype is a simple input method for touchscreens developed by Swype Inc, which basically tries to position itself as a competitor to the “regular” mobile phones which utilize touchscreens, mainly the iPhone!

In the video below, in which, to tell you the truth, I am highly disappointed with, we are being presented with a comparison between typing on on a regular iPhone touchscreen as opposed to typing using Swype method.

Although the video makes it seem that Swype allows for much faster SMS creation, I have seen my friend, with my own eyes, type so much faster using her iPhone’s touchscreen and with no additional effort whatsoever! It’s a matter of habit, nothing more nothing less!

In my humble opinion, Swype seems to be more confusing than helpful! The faint lines that show as your moving from one letter to another completely hide the other letters. This means that in order to effectively use Swype, you should learn the keypad’s letters and positions by heart!

What do you think: Would you consider buying a Samsung Omnia just for the Swype typing method? Do you think such a feature could actually help raise Samsung Omnia’s market share? How fast can you type using your iPhone?

Waiting to read your comments and feedback below :)

4 Technologies That Will Shape The Future of Mobility

Virtual laser keyboards, cloud computer, Web operating systems (Google Chrome OS), mobile projectors and guaranteed high-speed connections… is the future of mobility already here?

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