[HOW TO] Getting the Elderly Up To Speed On The Internet: Facebook And Beyond (part 3)

After my mother and I went over the previous two parts of this series (part one, part two), I left her for a week to try and experiment with what she learned and I was really proud of what she achieved. Never mind that she now checked the pictures of friends of friends of people I never heard of, but she was now curious about who is that girl that is commenting on my brother’s profile, and what are all those weird messages of psychics and farm animals that keep on showing up on her homepage. She also informed of a ‘new’ use that she has found for Facebook for she has ‘discovered’ that by clicking on events on the homepage she will be able to see and plan for everyone’s birthday and she was excited about learning that little tidbit on her own.

While I could have delved deeper into Facebook explaining applications and games, I choose to leave that for a different day and focus on taking her a bit outside of Facebook on this day, focusing our time on two things; Gmail and Skype.

As I Write This Email … Send My Love To You

Creating a Contact List Helps

Getting my mother to understand the concept was very simple now that she was familiar with Facebook messages. The only part that she didn’t get was how she was supposed to figure out the address of people that she wanted to get in touch with, and I replied with simply “just ask on Facebook”. With that out of the way, I inputted all the addresses that she will be using into her contacts so that she can access them easily by selecting their name from the “To:” field.

Interview with VisitorsCafé Founder: Your Custom Video Chat

VisitorsCafé: Create your own custom Chatroulette

VisitorsCafe aims at enhancing the interactive features of websites by providing them with a video chat option that can be added with a single line of code .

The video chat enables websites to enhance the level of interaction available to their communities, thus turning websites into cafes. This allows users to spend more time on the website interacting with other like minded users. While Chatroulette and other VChat services randomly connect users, VisitorsCafe uses a matching algorithm to connect users together. The VisitorsCafe’s service was launched yesterday, November 10th, and it provides its service on invitation only bases (continue reading below for your change to earn an exclusive invite to try out the VisitorsCafe service for FREE). The Thoughtpick blog took the opportunity to speak with VisitorsCafe’s founder, Morgan Hermand-Waiche, to learn more about him, their business and VisitorsCafe’s services.

The interview…

Thoughtpick: Just to start things off, tell me a bit about yourself, what sort of startups have you been involved in?

Morgan: I grew up in France and attended the equivalent of MIT there; while I was a student I started an internet company that connects students to available short term housing available in the area.

How the Internet Enables Intimacy [video talk from TED]

In my previous post I shared a piece of research that supports the notion that internet users not only have a larger and more diverse group of people whom they confide in, but they tend to be more active in the public sphere. Along the same chain of thought this is an interesting talk by stefana Broadbent who discusses her research and finding about how technology and the internet in specific helps to foster intimacy.

Who’s Here App – Free Phone Calls on Your iPod and iPhone!

As we relentlessly and yet unconsciously speed into a technology-based life style, competition amongst technology related brands, tools, systems and platforms soars higher; bringing us a new, fresh and innovative pool of ideas for the future.

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Android, Gizmo5 & adMob: The Scary Thought of Google As My Mobile Operator

Android, Gizmo5 & adMob: The Scary Thought of Google As My Mobile Operator

Who does the Google answer to?

The Google Leviathan has been on the move lately, engulfing several smaller fish on the internet. The latest "victim" being Gizmo5 a VoIP service a la Skype. Gzimo5 Coupled with Google Voice has the prospect to be a very seductive concoction. Users will sign up to Google Voice and get a phone number that will forward all their calls...

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