10 Options & Features Why Facebook Rocks!

Often, we like to complain about things we don’t like. This has been very evident in the way we deal with everything around us, and has become even more obvious after the spread of social media use. I am one of those people who usually likes to find the faults in things, especially when it has to do with social media channels, services and tools.

However, and for a change, I would like to list the 10 thing that make Facebook so special and cause it to rock and shine amongst other social media platforms!

1. The “New Device” Notification

If you adjust your setting right, you will receive the following text as an e-mail from Facebook if you enter your Facebook account from a new device:

New Device Notification

New Device Notification

2. The Inbox Customization:

Whenever you are checking your inbox and you open a message from a friend, you can actually see that friend’s photo albums at the right side of your page!

3. Friends & Likes:

Whether it is a status update, a photo, a link or a video, you can actually see the names of the people who like it starting with the names of your friends.

4. The “Birthday Notification” Option

You will never have to feel bad about forgetting a birthday again with the Birthday notification option! I know it doesn’t seem like a big thing, but can you honestly say that this feature did not spare you a lot of blame and complaining?

Avatar Movie — Learn Social Media by Example

Avatar The Uber Block Buster

Avatar The Uber Block Buster

Hollywood has certainly been one of the great adopters of internet and social media marketing. Some of the greatest internet marketing campaigns have been given to us by the movies, campaigns like that of The Dark Knight were truly game changing. Ever since early December, the movie world has been abuzz with one word “Avatar”, with an impressive nine award nominations in March 7th at the 82nd Academy awards ceremony, it was certainly one of the biggest movies of not only the decade but of all time.

A movie that was truly entertaining, bringing 3D cinematics to the mainstream and raising the bar for special effects. While Sam Worthington and the Na’vi own part of their success to Mr. James Cameron’s genius, a great social marketing campaign helped propel the buzz around “Avatar” to stratospheric heights on the internet; giving it the boost it needs to break a Titanic record.

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