How Fortune 100 Companies Are Leveraging Social Media

Flowtown is always releasing great infographs and this is a natural follow up to “Where SMB Spend their Marketing and Advert Money?“. Like the other infograph, it raises quite a few questions and illuminates quite a few realizations, discussed below.

How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media? - Flowtown

Harry Potter Tweet – Learn Social Media by Example

What’s the best way to get buzz going around a movie prior to its launch? Of course, the ways are numerous! It could be a really large campaign, across a multiverse of billboards and digital banners. It could involve fancy dinners, several elaborate websites, or freebies showered across different possible fans.

Yet regardless of how much cash is dished, campaigns often die after the movie has come and gone, which is why I find this Harry Potter Tweet campaign interesting. As this campaign is actually a tool that people can utilize rather than a simple announcement, people are still using it and talking about it, many months after the movie it was aimed to market was launched.

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