9 Real-Time Search Engines Which Go Beyond Twitter

In the recent months, the real time search engine market has been firing-up. There are many services around trying to gain some market share in this newly found area. We did some research, read many articles, and covered up most of what’s out there (if we missed any service, please let us know in the comments).

Twingly Search Filter Sidebar


We followed a simple criteria to pick services and build our list: Any service must be (1) Real-time and (2) NOT limited to Twitter search results. Here we go:

  1. Twingly’s microblog search: It covers Twitter, Jaiku, Identica, Bleeper, and a few other services. It’s dedicated to microblogging and offers a RSS subscription option for your searches. While being dominated by Twitter results, it gives you the option of filtering it out by un-checking a box on the side of the page. This makes Twingly one of the most customizable realtime search services covered in this article.
  2. Social Mention: Social Mention covers 80+ social media services including all of the major players (Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google, etc). While it has one of the neatest and most clean interfaces among the services we covered, it seems to be the slowest one – showing a list of flashing stars for up to 1 minutes sometimes! We like the various options it provides: the tab options, alerts, RSS subscriptions, the ranking/trending system, and the option of exporting your search results into CSV/Excel file, but slow speed is a deal-breaker! On the other hand, for social alerts and comprehensiveness, it’s one of the best.
    SocialMention - Comprehensive but slow!

    SocialMention - Comprehensive but slow!

Interview140 with @cheth – A Designer, Blogger and Social Media Enthusiast

Interview 140 Brief: During our research and while looking into different profiles on Twitter, we stumbled upon a certain trend being carried out by a few great Twitter lovers who have the ability to use Twitter in a way that makes the world a better place! Thus, the idea of Interview in 140 characters came into play! We decided to pick one Twitter user every once in a while and interview him/her about different topics of interest to the whole Twitter community and us as well.

Thoughtpick's twitter interviews...

Thoughtpick's twitter interviews...

A line about the interviewee:

Chethan defines himself to be a designer at heart; he has a great passion for web design and excels in creating distinguished graphics. He is also an avid blogger where he posts his design work and news. He has a big interest in social media and uses it efficiently to communicate and share his work with other designers over the web. His expertise in design, blogging and social media blend together in a beautiful way and make him stand out as an interesting individual in the twitter universe.

Chethstudio, the name of Chethan’s blog, is known for its freebies. He enjoys sharing his graphics with other people, and people love him for it. With 15,558 update and 15,195 followers on twitter, one can derive an idea about how active and popular @cheth is.

Interview140 Analysis and Lessons:

I tweet therefore I am

I tweet therefore I am

Social media has opened great opportunities for web designers, it brought them together to communicate and share their work. It had also facilitate designers’ work exposure to the world and served them with instance feedback about their work.

“I tweet therefore I am” @cheth told us; a phrase that shows the state of twitter today as an essential tool for people’s existence on the web.

The secret behind @cheth’s popularity is the value he provides for his fans. He continuously tweets good design related article, he has listed 100+ incredible Twitter background at his blog and he often offers free social media icons and templates.

Are Social Media Users Schizophrenic?

What defines a schizophrenic? How can we correlate social media to loss of identity? And would it be rational to declare that many social media users suffer from schizophrenia? And is schizophrenia always negative?

Queen Rania & Social Media: Tips and Insights

I read an article on TechCrunch about Jordanian Queen Rania’s new twitter account, and it got me interested in knowing how else one can communicate with her majesty through the Web and learn her thoughts and opinions. This got me thinking, and I’d like to say some points out loud concerning the technological side of her majesty’s social Web involvement…

Ford upsets bloggers more; no sign of an apology in the horizon!

Ford upsets bloggers more; no sign of an apology in the horizon!

Ford upsets ME bloggers

One of the things that upsets me the most in life is when someone makes a mistake then ignores it completely – like nothing’s happened – instead of standing up and take responsibility for his actions. While individuals may – sometimes – get away with it, I don’t think that companies, especially big ones like […]

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