How is Social Media Reshaping the News Industry?

Social Media took the world of traditional media by surprise. More and more people are abandoning their newspaper and cable subscriptions and adhering to the internet with its various social media websites.  While some argue that history proved new media doesn’t necessary destroy old one (Television didn’t destroy Cinema or Radio), no one can deny that there is a huge challenge facing news media outlets. Social media has set a new milestone in the history of media and re-defined the way people access information. Printed newspapers may be the channel that is suffering the most, but it is a matter of time before they realize the changes in the play ground and evolve to harness the new found powers.



People are the media; that is the state of the world today, where anyone with a cell phone and equipped with a merely decent digital camera can broadcast to the world. Bloggers have been gaining ground and reaching wider audience, and twitterers have been making the news faster than any other news agency. What does this mean for news media outlets?  It breaks their monopoly of news – for the first time in history – and opens the door of competition with many enthusiastic individuals!

Twitter Going Green for Iran – Will social media help shape the future of Iran?

Over 160,000 Twitter users have turned green in a universal movement that is meant to give support and consolidation to people’s demonstrations in Iran. Iranian crisis have proved to everyone that the world is no longer the same, and that social media has empowered people like never before.

Turn Your Twitter Avatar Green to Support Iran

Turn Your Twitter Avatar Green to Support Iran

Twitter didn’t just knock down well established conventional news agencies and reigned itself as the top source of fresh news, but it has also grown up to become a network of human support for people struggling for justice. In today’s world, people can do their daily activities, be productive and at the same time rally for human rights.

While Twitter dominated news coverage of how social media is helping the Iranian protesters, one can’t neglect the power and support other social networks have provided. YouTube and Flicker managed to give us real visuals of what’s going on, blogs served as live testimonials, and social bookmarking websites like Reddit and Digg, with their millions of readers, managed to push stories coming from Iran to the top. On Reddit, for instance, a help message gained popularity for asking Twitterers to change their time zone to 3:30 PM GMT in order to make the job of Iranian security forces of hunting down bloggers much harder.

Today, Mashable compiled a social media time-line for the Iranian Crisis. It is worth checking out how social media is helping up in shaping the state of Iran. Whether governments like it or not, nowadays, people have power – thanks to social media!

Social media gives us hope for a better future of people’s empowerment, it imposes many threats to dictatorships. Some are already working hard to stay in control. Are they fighting a lost battle? I certainly hope so.

Don’t Ever Laugh Out Loud on Reddit

I started using Reddit recently with the intention of gathering more Karma points to become a somewhat power user. For an instance, I thought that it must be an easy process: submitting some interesting stories, and adding some comments! And that’s it. It should work. Unfortunately, and after 2 hours on the site, I learnt otherwise. My aim suddenly shifted into trying hard to keep my Karma indicator positive…

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