Will the iPad Change Social Media?

We’ve all heard it now. The most over-hyped non-product in history of the world is finally a product.

It even has a name. It’s not the “iSlate” nor the “Apple Tablet” that people have been using for a while, it’s actually called the iPad (naturally, #iTampon was a trending topic on Twitter soon after).

The gorgeous Apple iPad

The gorgeous Apple iPad

While many people are disappointed, saying that the iPad is nothing more than an over-sized iTouch, I personally believe that it will be game-changing. Maybe this particular release won’t knock us off our heels, but eventually, with the proper support, a large list of applications, and a little mind-set change from the consumer side, this device is going to be the iPod of “handheld companions“.

Let me explain…

TechCrunch50’s Udorse Takes Facebook Photo Tagging to a Whole New Level

Udorse's earnings

Udorse's earnings

Well well well, we have reached the end of the Pop Idol of Silicon Valley, and despite all the innovation, one winner had to be selected, this year the prize went to RedBeacon. RedBeacon is a new platform that allows you to hire local service providers online without any phone calls. While it is kind of an interesting service, it didn’t get me excited about its offering and potential as Udorse did. RedBeacon does facilitate people’s search for service providers but doesn’t really bring anything new to the table – in my opinion at least -. On the other hand, Udorse manages to take photos tagging to a whole new level.

Facebook Photos Tagging:

One of the features that made Facebook photo sharing so popular is enabling you to tag your friends and give names to the people in your photos. Today, instead of calling your friend and ask him about the girl with him in the photo he posted to his Facebook account, you can simply figure out her name – and potentially other information if her profile is public – through the simple tag in the photo.

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