Top 10 Traits & Habits of Mixx Users!

The term “psychology” shows more than 73,000,000 results on Google. It is a broad term encompassing various ideas, approaches and definitions.

By psychoanalytik

By psychoanalytik

I have always desired to major in psychology, however, people always advised me otherwise because unless you continue your PHD in psychology, people don’t really take you seriously; especially those seeking to be drugged out of their depression and misery!

Though I ended up majoring in Marketing and Business Administration, I still have a soft spot for psychology which I like to use here at Thoughtpick at several occasions for Twitter use and Facebook’s popularity, combined with my marketing and social media knowledge and experience.

In the Mixx…

Since I began using Mixx, the behavior of Mixx users has always been very intriguing to me and their use of Mixx has been a topic that I wanted to analyze and write about. However, I decided to wait till I knew more and thus understood more. I guess the time is now!

Through many encounters, conversations, shares and comments, I began to finally find my way around the psychology of Mixxers. Here is what I came up with:

1. Mixxers are as proud as Redditers…

And even more! Every single Mixxer is both proud and happy to be using Mixx. Each user takes pride in delivering valuable, fresh and unique information to fellow Mixxers. Each user is excited about each submission he or she adds and shares.

How To: Utilize Social Media for Voicing Worries & Sharing Concerns!

“Pain shared is pain lessened; joy shared is joy increased. Thus do we refute entropy”. The Callahan Chronicles



Maybe misery enjoys company, maybe it doesn’t. Either way, the truth of the matter remains to be that whatever an individual maybe going through, regardless of how positive or negative it may be, being able to voice and share concerns, sorrow, anger and worries usually makes the burdens less and more bearable!

Therefore, this post is dedicated to answering the following questions: Could social media really help people in distress? Does it have the ability to reduce stress, anxiety and confusion through its different venues? Is being open and sharing personal feelings and experiences through social media positive?

Speaking from Personal Experience:

Privacy is a very highly valued element in one’s life. That is a given. Yet, sometimes, when your close friends’ advice seems to be scarce or redundant and you have different conflicting thoughts which you, yourself, are unable to resolve or handle, exposing part of yourself through a viral medium, such as social media, might actually bring positive outcomes!

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