Sit on My Facebook! – Internet “Love” Song by The Scribes [Video]

Once upon a time there was the love that we all knew, but then came a different kind of love, one which takes intimacy to a whole new level! This type of love is called the “internet love“.

In short, and without trying to glorify the topic, this generation of youth redefines love in terms of social media and internet terms, channels, tools and websites! Love is transformed from actions in real life to any other virtual actions such as poking, messaging, tagging, befriending of Facebook, tweeting and so on.

By chance, I came across this sarcastic video and it fully explains what I am talking about. I present to you: Sit on My Facebook!

What do you think: Do you feel sad about how love is being perceived these days? Do you agree that it is unnerving how social media and the internet use our feelings and emotions to grow and expand?

Looking forward to your comments below…

Little Chubby Lin Yu Chun – The Newest Meme on Youtube!

Taiwan’s Susan Boyle: Chubby underdog blows judges away as he belts out Whitney Houston… and becomes YouTube hit” Read more here

After some time off from new, fresh and famous internet memes, a couple weeks ago, enter Justin Bieber, and now follows the chubby Taiwanese Lin Yu Chun. Therefore, one must ask: Is social media becoming the emerging star attraction magnet and lift off platform? I am inclined to say I believe so!

Lin Yu Chun’s performance, which is now being broadcasted heavily on Youtube, started off relatively modest and quiet, but when the young man broke out into the chorus, it became quite clear how talented the young man really was.

Lin on Youtube

Lin on Youtube

Please keep in mind that at this “Taiwan’s equivalent to American Idol”, Lin Yu Chun lives in Taiwan and English is not even his first language!

His pitch-perfect rendition of the Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton mega-hit I Will Always Love You blew a panel of judges away“, by

Watch here:

What do you think: Do you agree that maybe Youtube and Google are maybe pushing it when it comes to embracing and promoting emerging starts such as Lin Yu Chun? Or do you encourage the idea of motivating young talents through social media more aggressively?

Looking forward to your comment below :)

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