Google Jumps in to Aid the Egyptians

People in Egypt today are hoping to organize a million man March, and the government has cracked down on all communications channels. Their last internet server provider, the Noor Group, has gone offline and there are talks about shutting mobile networks as well.

A Voice From Egypt

In a move that truly displays that there is still a caring and beating heart inside of the company, Google has released a service especially for the Egyptians so that they will be able to communicate with each other and the world. The new service will allow people to call in on specific numbers and be able to tweet their phone calls through the speak2tweet Twitter account. Tweets will be posted under the #Egypt hashtag with links to the phone calls. People will also be able to listen to the latest tweets, on this account, using the same service. In an environment that is starved for information, this will truly contribute and help in not only aiding the spread news but also in organizing.

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