Hashable: Tracking Personal & Professional Social Interactions

Hashable in Beta

Only a few hours ago, Mashable rolled out the carpet to a new startup aiming to simplify and track personal and professional social interactions: Hashable.

As we understood it, Hashable links your social media accounts through hashtags. “It helps you document real-world connections with friends and professional contacts by using hashtags to describe interactions. Hashable tracks actions, connections, salutations, props and any other type of hashtag you can dream up.” ~ Mashable

Some Features of Hashable:

  • A Hashable user can introduce any two Twitter users or e-mail contacts using the “Make an #intro” feature. Hashable publicly (or privately) notifies both parties via Twitter or e-mail and follows up to verify a connection was made.
  • The “Post a connection” feature lets you specify a hashtag and the e-mail addresses or Twitter names of the people you have connected with offline. With this feature, you can use the system to quickly document all types of exchanges with hashtags such as #justmet, #meeting, #breakfast, #lunch, #dinner, #drinks, #coffee, #tennis and #thanks.
  • Hashable also supports Twitter and e-mail and will soon support iPhone-app connections. The service employs game mechanics to inspire user engagement, rewarding users with points in the form of “Hashcred” for making introductions and receiving connections; super users are highlighted on the “top connectors” leader boards.

Hashable’s ultimate aim is to create a new data set around person-to-person interactions.”

Things to Think About:

After reading this post on Mashable, 2 things came to mind:

  1. How come Mashable does not mind that Hashable sounds exactly like it in a way that is so confusing and annoying at the same time! To me, they sound like brother and sister: Hashable and Mashable.
  2. How come none of those who read the post on Mashable understood how Hashable really works?

Thank you for being good listeners (or readers in this case) :)

Looking forward to your comments, feedback and insights in the comment section below…

Interview with VisitorsCafé Founder: Your Custom Video Chat

VisitorsCafé: Create your own custom Chatroulette

VisitorsCafe aims at enhancing the interactive features of websites by providing them with a video chat option that can be added with a single line of code .

The video chat enables websites to enhance the level of interaction available to their communities, thus turning websites into cafes. This allows users to spend more time on the website interacting with other like minded users. While Chatroulette and other VChat services randomly connect users, VisitorsCafe uses a matching algorithm to connect users together. The VisitorsCafe’s service was launched yesterday, November 10th, and it provides its service on invitation only bases (continue reading below for your change to earn an exclusive invite to try out the VisitorsCafe service for FREE). The Thoughtpick blog took the opportunity to speak with VisitorsCafe’s founder, Morgan Hermand-Waiche, to learn more about him, their business and VisitorsCafe’s services.

The interview…

Thoughtpick: Just to start things off, tell me a bit about yourself, what sort of startups have you been involved in?

Morgan: I grew up in France and attended the equivalent of MIT there; while I was a student I started an internet company that connects students to available short term housing available in the area.

Startup advice: A Metropolitan 4-Layered View of the Web & Time Invested

If you’re a startup or have a “Web 2.0” idea, this might interest you. Through extensive research and my humble experience, I was able to come up with an analogy of the Web’s contribution levels comparing it with a city made up of 4 different layers: web users, social circles, tools & utilities and platforms.

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