Win $10,000 from Apple for Downloading the 10 Billionth App

Do you want a chance to win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple? Only about 2.5 years after the launch of the Apple App Store, Apple is about to celebrate the 10 billionth app download!

Idea & Objectives:

Similar to what they did when the iTunes Store reached 10 billion downloads, Apple is celebrating by giving away a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card to the lucky person who downloads the 10 billionth app.

App Store 10 Billion

App Store 10 Billion

: 4/5
: 3/5
: 3/5
: Yes
: 4/5

Apple’s iPad is Causing Workers to Kill Themselves!

I am a HUGE Fan of Apple and its wide range of products, especially when it comes to the Macbook Pro and the iPod. However, the following disturbing piece of latest news might change my desire to be affiliated to Apple at any level, that is if it is true (and not just some marketing ploy by Microsoft to damage Apple’s reputation!)

“Apple manufacturer Foxconn was taking extraordinary measures Wednesday to safeguard its business and workers following a spate of suicides at its sprawling plant in southern China.”

Here’s something even more interesting: Workers have reportedly been told to sign letters promising not to kill themselves and even agreeing to be sent to psychiatric institutions if they appear to be in an “abnormal mental or physical state for the protection of myself and others”.

The suicides have raised questions about conditions for millions of factory workers in China, especially at Foxconn, where labor activists and employees say long hours, low pay and high pressure are the norm.

Tired Workers at the Apple Manufacturing Factories

Tired Workers at the Apple Manufacturing Factories

What Is It Like to Work With Facebook & Zuck?

We have all heard about how it feels like to work in Google and how Google is the trend setter of creating the perfect environment for creativity and employee retention. But Facebook is different, rarely have we ever heard about how it feels like to work with Mike Zuckerberg, a company that employs more than a 1000 able people must have a story or two to say.

Will the iPad Change Social Media?

While many people are disappointed, saying that the iPad is nothing more than an oversized iTouch, I personally believe that it will be game-changing.

Apple is on the Move: Verizon Should Watch Out! [videos]

“Healthy competition is the fuel for growth and development”. Big names in the technology arena are bumping each other’s heads in a war dedicated to grab customer attention and further create loyalty! One of those names must be Apple! Not only does Apple lead a variety of creative, well-studied and effective small...

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Apple Putting Ads in Mac OS X? [video]

It seems to me that Apple might be running out of creative ideas and resorting to "intrusive" advertising within its latest release of Mac OS X. The video below explains it all!

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New Apple iMac, MacBook and a Magical “Touch-Sensitive” Mouse [video]

In preparation for the holiday season, Apple unveiled today some new products; impressive high end iMacs with -sharp 16:9 displays, a redesigned plastic MacBook, and a new mouse that it as touch sensitive as is your iPhone! But how much does it cost living the Apple lifestyle?

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