Dramatic Chipmunk Starring in New LG Campaign [video]

Yet another seemingly successful social media campaign brought to you by LG!

LG seem to have mastered the art of viral marketing with a campaign which promotes a $100k prize for the winner of their competition, and in turn, promotes their monitors.

It’s a campaign to be remembered! LG recreated the “Dramatic Chipmunk” and let the audience of the five videos, leading to the campaign site, follow him on a own trip around the world starting with the “Break Out”.

Advertising appeals used as their best! LG should be given kudos for their proper utilization of a combination of different appeals in addition to a valuable monetary prize:

  • The sex appeal (the woman)
  • The humor appeal (the chipmunk itself & the various scenes)
  • The emotional appeals (the children & the chipmunk)

What a combo!

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