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Intel’s Visual Life Campaign

“The people you know, the places you visit, the things that inspire you… together, these represent your unique Visual Life, and we want to celebrate it! People from around the world have uploaded photos and videos giving us a peek inside their visual lives.” From Intel’s Website

Share Your Visual Life

Share Your Visual Life

Ad agency, Amsterdam Worldwide, unveiled a series of blogger films, called “Visual Life,” for technology brand Intel back in January 2011. The series showcased top bloggers discussing how they use technology and how it has transformed their work.

Campaign Idea & Buzz:

The first video of the series documented the work of fashion blogger and photographer Scott Schumann, The Sartorialist. The video generated around a quarter of a million views in its first two weeks and has been viewed more than 850,000 times on YouTube and the Intel site, helping increase Intel’s YouTube channel views by 200%.

: 4/5
: 5/5
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: 4/5

How the Internet Enables Intimacy [video talk from TED]

In my previous post, I shared a piece of research that supports the notion that internet users not only have a larger and more diverse group of people whom they confide in, but they tend to be more active in the public sphere. Along the same chain of thought, below is an interesting talk by Stefana Broadbent discussing her research and findings about how technology and the internet in specific help foster intimacy. It is really taken for granted how easier nowadays it is to stay in touch with our loved ones when we are millions of miles away from them, helping us to maintain strong relationships with those who care about even when we are far away. In turn our ability to commute and communicate helps us go further away from our “homes” in the pursuit for a better life.

Stefana Broadbent on TED about Intimacy

Hope you enjoyed the talk as much as I did. What program is your choice for staying in touch with your loved ones? Skype, MSN, Gtalk…? Do you agree with Broadbent’s findings? Lets us hear you thoughts.

Does More Social Media = Shorter Product & Service Life Cycle?

Is the relationship between the life cycle of products and services inversely related to the use of social media? How does social media influence the perceptions and even usage of products and services, especially when it comes to the trendy, fashionable and high tech ones?

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