5 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans

A Facebook fanpage now has a lot in common with the websites of the 90’s; every business has one, they annoy the world by telling them that they have one, but they have no idea how it will fit in their marketing strategy. Plenty of Facebook fanpages end up being just a place that has a few tidbits and pictures about the business and just a slew of barren automated posts on their wall. For a Facebook fanpage to be truly successful, it needs to engage the public and attract its fans to interact with the page. So, here are 5 ways to engage your fans on Facebook:

Ask Them What They Think?

A simple question.

One way to get your fans excited and active on your fanpage is by asking them to vote for their preference. When writing a poll, make sure to use simple words, offer options that cover a wide range of possible answers, limit the options to 4 or 5, and make sure to use close-ended questions.

The advantage of polls over just asking the questions is that they are easier to participate in and they also open up the doors for people from opposite sides of the aisle to discuss their opinions.

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