Tweepi Gets New Features: Manage Your Twitter Followers with Stats

When we first started Thoughtpick earlier this year, we had so many ideas for simple web applications that would make a difference and add value to all web users alike. Besides this blog, which has been our main – successful -communication tool, we had the challenge of picking up one of our many ideas to develop and launch as Thoughtpick’s first product.

The importance of Twitter paved the way for Tweepi

Tweepi Logo

Tweepi Logo

Our realization of the importance of Twitter for marketing and communication came naturally and instantly thus we opted to build up a Twitter community of tweeps who share the same interests – social media and web applications -.  Building a Twitter community is not as simple as it sounds to be, we tried using the available Twitter management tools at that time first, including Flash Tweet, Twitter Karma, and Tweet Later, and in no time we realized that we need something different, something that is simple, fast, and more efficient. We identified our needs, brainstormed our ideas, and came up with Tweepi!

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