HOW TO: Remove Facebook’s Photo Viewer Theatre

Facebook's Theater Photo Viewer

One day we all woke up, logged onto Facebook and clicked on a photo only to be horrified by what we were seeing. The new Facebook photo viewer is atrocious, and navigating it is a nightmare. Thankfully, people have already rolled out various solutions to the problem.

To Disable Photo Viewer Theater Temporarily

You can disable the “Theater” photo viewer by either pressing F5 or removing &theater from the url. This solution will only remove it from the picture you are currently viewing and next time you view a photo in your feed you will be faced with the same problem. So for a more permanent solution, follow one of the next tips.

Say No To the Ugly Photo Viewer

Remove “Theater” on Chrome

If you use Chrome or Chromium to browse your Facebook, then you can install a couple of plug-ins that will disable the photo viewer.

Facebook Lightbox Killer or No thanks, TheaterBox

Remove “Theater” on Firefox

Install the following plug-in on Firefox to automatically disable the photo viewer.

Facebook Lightbox Killer

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An RT for John Lusher

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