Campaign Review: Audi’s “The Tony Stark Challenge”

When I first got an email from M80 Advertising about the latest Audi-Iron Man 2 Innovation campaign, I was excited to write a quite positive review. The phrases “better living through technology” and the “Tony Stark lifestyle” got the geek in me worked up.

In their words:

Audi and Tony Stark are joining forces asking progressive individuals to refuse limitations, take risks and showcase their talent.  How well these forward-thinkers demonstrate “better living through technology” philosophy gets them closer to the Tony Stark lifestyle.

The Reward:

In addition to $15K in seed funding, the winner will receive VIP treatment: private helicopter tour of Los Angeles, test flight with ICON A5 aircraft, and behind-the-wheel drive of a 2010 Audi R8.

Digging more into the site and the campaign itself, I got less and less excited about this campaign. Here is why:

Amazing Flash interface for Audi's Iron Man campaign

Amazing Flash interface for Audi's Iron Man campaign

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