Amsterdam Police Using Twitter for New Year’s Celebration!

The police of Amsterdam just announced that they will be using Twitter ( during the upcoming New Year’s celebration to update the public with round the hour security information.

Police Using Twitter

Police Using Twitter

The police expect 40,000 people to come to the Museum Square (which is just behind the Van Gogh Museum) to celebrate New Year’s on Friday. By using Twitter, they will inform the public about security issues as well as how best to reach the square in case of traffic jams, etc.

The Amsterdam police has started using Twitter for big events for the first time this year. On example is when there was a celebration for the Dutch national football team when they came back from the World Cup.

The city of Groningen (in the north of Holland) has also announced it will use Twitter to manage New Year’s celebrations.

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To wrap up, I would like to ask you a few questions: Do you think this will be effective? Do you encourage the police in other cities to use Twitter in the same manner as well?

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

Is Digg really “Dead”: Statistics Show Otherwise!

A recent article published via CNET claims that “Digg is dead“! It then goes on to blame both Facebook and Twitter for the “kill” and the “burial”. I tend to highly disagree.

1. In terms of statistics…

Digg seems to be fresh, attractive and so much alive with a high number of active visitors. (Kindly refer to the figure below)

Digg's rank on (ranking 105 as of Nov 09)

Digg's rank on (ranking 105 as of Nov 09)

2. In terms of loyalty…

Digg users would not necessarily switch to Twitter or Facebook; these two do not merely compete in terms of their use and their platforms.

3. From a blogger’s perspective…

Bloggers feel the “need” for Digg, more than any other social media tool or site, in order to “drive traffic to their blogs in ways that even Twitter can’t match,” says blogger DavidRGilson. It also “helps offer a lot of blog exposure and fast indexing,” another blogger adds.

So, what I’m wondering about now is this: Based on the above realizations, how is Digg dead according to Ian Morris of CNet? Was that post really written in efforts to spite Digg because they banned the writer? Or is there something we are not being told?

20,000 visitors in 3 hours – The Ashton Kutcher Effect @aplusk ! [video]

About 8 hours ago, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) tweeted about my post entitled “Reclaiming the Longest Tweet in History at 250 characters!”. I noticed a spike immediately, and the highest number of concurrent users surfing the site was 3000 users! This post is dedicated to show you what you can expect when someone as popular as @aplusk tweets about you.

interview140 with @MattUK – SEO and SM Expert

interview140 with Matt Sawyer. A search engine optimization and a social media expert. He is in charge of Datadial blog where he constantly delivers insightful information regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media (SM).

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