Reppler: The New Social Media Monitoring Service

Recently, a startup called Reppler launched a service to help people shine on Facebook pages and profiles that have become resources checked by employers, college recruiters and even potential mates.

Simply put, Reppler is a social media monitoring service designed to keep your social reputation clean and safe. It addresses three critical pillars of your social reputation — content, privacy and security.

My Facebook Acoount on Reppler

My Facebook Account on Reppler

What Does it Do?

Reppler continuously monitors your social networking profiles so you can present a positive image within your circle of friends and professional network. The initial version of Reppler is free and supports Facebook.

TechCrunch vs. Mashable Review – Part 2: Alexa, Quantcast & Content Comparison

If I were to ask you: Where do you usually go when looking to read web focused news and social media related stories and tips? The answer would probably be one of three: Mashable, TechCrunch or both!

In our first TechCrunch vs. Mashable review post, we compared and contrasted TechCrunch and Mashable in terms of general stats, interface & reviews. Here in part 2, we will be comparing these two sites in terms of Alexa and Quantcast stats and quality and type of content.

Google Trends: Mashable vs Techcrunch

Google Trends: Mashable vs TechCrunch

Mashable vs. TechCrunch on Alexa:

Through a short Alexa search, we were able to deduce the following differences between the two hard-headed opponents: Mashable & TechCrunch. Take a look:

With only a month’s head start for TechCrunch in 2005, it is undeniable that the competition is, and has been, overwhelming for our two “weblogs”!

Alexa’s’s traffic rank is 549, while’s traffic rank is 557 worldwide. According to Alexa’s ranking, TechCrunch and Mashable rank 212 and 218 accordingly in the US.

Does More Social Media = Shorter Product & Service Life Cycle?

Is the relationship between the life cycle of products and services inversely related to the use of social media? How does social media influence the perceptions and even usage of products and services, especially when it comes to the trendy, fashionable and high tech ones?

4 App Ideas to Expect When Location-Tweets Hit Mainstream

Twitter will roll out a new feature that adds locations to tweets. That opens the door for developers to innovate and come up with new applications to take advantage of the new feature. We list some of the ideas we have in mind and look forward to the innovation of the developers.

HOW TO: Create Trending Topics and Success Stories Over Twitter

HOW TO: Create Trending Topics and Success Stories Over Twitter

Which Drink Are You? - A simple quiz that made Twitter's trending topics

Creating a Twitter trending topic is every online marketer dream. Is there anything that we can learn from successful stories? What can we do to create a Twitter trending topic?

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Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G: Should Social Media Be the Judge?

Is social media turning into one of the top reasons for purchasing trendy, fashionable and tech products these days? How dependent are we becoming on social media channels when it comes to purchasing decisions? Is it fair to solely depend on social media channels such as Youtube in order to decide whether to purchase a certain product...

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Interview140 with Skashliwal the Writer

Interview140 with Skashliwal the Writer

Thoughtpick's twitter interviews...

Interview140 is a series of Twitter interviews in 140 characters combining our expertise in web marketing and social media with the experience of active, hand-picked Twitter users about different topics of interest to the whole Twitter community.

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