The Counter BP Social Media Campaign

The BP oil spill has been a PR nightmare for the company and they have been working hard on organizing a social media campaign to counter and ameliorate the public’s view of the brand. The public, on the other hand, have used social media in very creative and effective ways to shine light on certain aspects of the disaster and express their scorn for the BP brand and how they have handled things with one misstep after the other.

We will be looking at how the public manifested its psyche on several different social media fronts:


Twitter has been at the forefront of taking jabs at BP, The fake BP Public Relations account – @BPGlobalPRhas been a run away hit with fans and has been taking sophomoric jabs at the company and providing its fans with the highest quality of satire. The account has almost three times as many followers as BP’s official Twitter account. To BP’s credit, they have reacted greatly to the satirical nature of the account and didn’t wage a crusade against it. Some even go as far as saying that the account is managed by BP’s real PR to lighten up the atmosphere around the company’s name.

Top 10 Hottest Male Geeks on the Web!

“A clever, ugly man every now and then is successful with the ladies, but a handsome fool is irresistible”. William Makepeace

Inspired from this very statement, we, the two Thoughtpick ladies, decided to spice things up a bit for you and bring those handsome irresistible geeks to you within a top ten list and introduce you to them!

1. Ryan Block — Former Editor of Engadget, Founder of Gdgt (Roba’s pick)

Gdgt founder Ryan Block, former editor of Engadget

Gdgt founder Ryan Block, former editor of Engadget

The broody eyes, the dirty look, the bad-boy vibes — ah, hotness incarnate.

Ryan Block is the co-founder of gdgt, and the former editor popular gadget blog Engadget. We’re not the only ones crushing on him, Block was named one of Paper Magazine’s Beautiful People in 2006. Beautiful indeed!

Visit Ryan Block’s Blog

You’re not a writer? Try Tumblelogs!

Many of us dream to have the ability to express ourselves fully and openly to the world surrounding us. Many often opt to, maybe one day, become great writers, and have the ability to write about what we feel, what we learn, the things we see, our experiences, the sensations we go through and the […]

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