25 Best 2009 Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons!

Happy New Year!

To ease you into 2010 with a smile, Thoughtpick presents you with the fifth special episode (1, 2, 3, 4) of top 25 social media jokes, clips and cartoons!

Use the comments below to let us know your favorite!

Leaving Twitter by Toondoo.com

Leaving Twitter by Toondoo.com

Recession hits Social Media

Recession hits Social Media

Username: @xadultfinder – Action: Unfollow! More Twitter Tips…

Apart for the Twitter avatar and background, what would influence your choice of people to follow on Twitter? How many Twitter users have you unfollowed due to their user names? What is the best method for companies to benefit from Twitter user names?

So what’s all the fuss about?

“No one cares anyway”… Right? Wrong! Take a look at the following comments:

@Kurd said “I have blocked people before based solely on their avatar or name, if it was offensive enough. Or if I’m following someone with, say, a puppy avatar with the user name “ILoveLife” but at some point they’ve changed their avatar and name to a spread-eagle model named “SexFrosting.”

Lois Arnando added, “Rather than background, I’m more concerned with the user name.”

I’m sure many of you out there would agree to what these two gentlemen had to say, and I’m 100% percent certain that you’ll have one story or another about bad or annoying experiences with at least one of your followers’ user names!

First Impression Matters :)

First Impression Matters...

How To: 5 Top Methods & Applications to Reduce Twitter Spam!

How much of Twitter’s trending topics are polluted by spam? How many Twitter verified accounts are there? Have you ever thought of reaching Twitter utopia: a spam-free Twitter where information and knowledge sharing are the main purposes for using Twitter? Is Twitter doing enough to protect us from spam? Would you like to find all the top 5 solutions to cutting down on Twitter spam in one place?

Introducing Tweepi – A geekier, faster way to manage Twitter followers

Introducing Tweepi.com. We’re constantly looking to follow quality tweeples, and trying to unfollow deadbeat users. Tweepi simply does that the geeky way – with numbers!

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