The 5 Types of Facebook Friends… Which one are you?

Social media has certainly changed life in the short span that it has been around. The effect of social media on our lives has become so profound that it has influenced and shaped the way that we form relationships with other people. It is certainly intriguing how it changed the way we categorize our relationships, with social media we went from having close and not so close friend to having a multitude of categories and bands of friends to manage and deal with in drastically different ways and certainly added a major complexity to our social life.

The New Friends

Some of those “new friends” on the block have became so ubiquitous that people are creating labels to describe them …

1. The Facebook-Only Friend

Facebook Only

In the past, this person was an acquaintance, he was always in the background you probably have never talked directly to each other before Facebook. But once you have befriended them on Facebook, you were amused by their online persona and how they interacted with their friends and you were intrigued enough to meet them in real life …. BIG mistake! because after 30 seconds of meeting them you realize that you can’t stand them at all but you are still amused by their online presence.

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