What Does Your Twitter Avatar & Background Say About YOU?

Do you think your Twitter avatar and background have an impact on how your current and potential followers view you? Can using an “inappropriate” avatar or background actually  be a reason to lower the number Twitter users interested in following you or even attract the “wrong” type of followers?

A few introductory words…

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Don’t judge a book by its cover“. But how else would you judge a book if you can’t really see what’s inside of it in terms of content originality, uniqueness, usefulness and/or creativity? The same applies to interaction over social media channels, especially in the case of Twitter!

Regardless of which follow technique you’re using, you will eventually evaluate those you are planning to follow based on one or more of  these elements:

  • Activity (number of tweets).
  • Engagement (number of retweets).
  • Following to followers ratio.
  • Profile name.
  • The avatar (and sometimes the background as well).

Taking that into consideration, I guess it’s safe to say that your avatar and background can say something about you!

What do you want them to say?

Each of us uses Twitter for a certain aim and tweets for a different reason. Therefore, it is highly essential that your avatar and background are able to clearly corroborate the message you’re trying to communicate.

Below, you will find the top 5 ways how your Twitter avatar matters followed by another list of top 4 ways how your twitter background matters …

5 top ways how your avatar matters:

  1. Recognition: It has been proven that human beings are wired in a manner which allows them to recognize and remember faces. Therefore, if you use a picture of your face in your avatar, you have a higher percentage of being remembered by your followers.

    Mashable: An Avatar People Will Remember!

    Mashable: An Avatar People Will Remember!

What Would A Stumbler Thumb Up?

What are the hottest topics floating around the world wide web? What are the basis on which users of Digg. Reddit, Stumble Upon, Mixx and other social bookmarking sites pick their favorite blogs posts, pages and sites? How could you create something that will stand out amongst a crowded virtual world of endless knowledge and entertainment venues?

Since its beginning, Stumble Upon has proved to be unique…But what is the material worthy of stumblers’ thumbs up?

  • Originality: Originality is key! Unique sites with original ideas and implementations such as arms12.swf are very lucrative! Taking the idea of the ball catch game most of us played as kids and transforming it into an virtual  game is just brilliant. Another example is time beat and how it changed the simple clock into yet another intriguing online experience.
  • Brilliant Clock Screen Saver

    Brilliant Clock Screen Saver

  • Creativity: Well executed creative designs and approaches such as phatterism.com are always favorable! Notice how the display of content is fun and interesting and even coupled with a full system to handle responses and feedback.
  • Phatterism Brilliant Portfolio

    Phatterism Brilliant Portfolio

  • Spiritually-oriented: Spiritual sites discussing religion or matters of belief namely 400monkeys.com also turn heads! People seek answers. A well guided and managed site/blog discussing issues of interest to large groups of people is likely to attract many thumbs up!
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