Choose a Different Ending Campaign — Will you take the knife?

A knife is the most common weapon used in killing youth in the UK, four out of ten youth killings have used the weapon in perpetrating the crime. Part of the reason for the prevalence of knife attacks is that many youths carry them believing that its going to provide them with some protection. To tackle the issue, and to dissuade the youth from carrying knives for protection the Metropolitan police (London, UK) and AMV BBDO collaborated with the UK’s central Office of Information to run the “Choose a Different Ending” Campaign. A series of hard-hitting interactive videos and a website that reach out to youths in their own environments.

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Hottest 10 Items Stolen Online [cool infograph]

People at created an interesting and informative infograph discussing credit card fraud online aiming at raising awareness of the issue and educating consumers on how to protect themselves from while. While the infograph is wordier than the norm, it is well worth the time as it contains a lot of valuable information.

Over a third of consumers have been victims of online credit card fraud, or know someone that has.

Beds are also a favorite target for e-commerce crooks. Experts believe many fraudsters come to the UK from abroad and a bed is the first thing they need when they arrive.

Check it out:

Quirky News of the Web — June 2010

There are always smaller headlines that tend to go unnoticed. They are the headlines that let us know how individualistic and unique some of the interactions on the web can be, and how much social media is shaping our world in ways that we could not have fathomed 20 years ago.

Therefore, the Quirky News of the Web section will be dedicated to those pieces of news that might go unnoticed but still pack quite the punch.

Starbucks’ Reusable Tumbler — Learn Social Media by Example

Starbucks is giving customers around the world a bold incentive to swap the paper cup for a more eco-friendly option. This effort is just one of the ways Starbucks is collaborating with customers to reduce environmental impacts. Read more to see how Starbucks is able to use social media to its advantage.

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British General Election 2010 — Learn Social Media by Example

British General Election 2010 — Learn Social Media by Example

Mentions of each party

This year's general election was certainly one of the toughest elections that Britain has seen in recent memory. It resulted with a win for David Cameron and the Tory's who formed a coalition government with Nick Clegg's Liberals. The election had many firsts, it was the first time that the candidates participated in an American...

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Why is Facebook Panicking about the Panic Button? Thoughts & Insights

Why is Facebook Panicking about the Panic Button? Thoughts & Insights

The Panic Button!

It seems that sex offenders, murderers and stalkers are seeing Facebook as a great and effortless platform for seducing and attracting children and causing tremendous disturbances in families and in the overall safety of the community!

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