Vote For Palin on Dancing with the Stars! — Learn SM by Example

The Palin’s: what a family! While they are well known for their most famous quality of being … ubiquitously covered on ‘main stream media’. While Sarah Palin, big momma grizzly, is well know for her use of social media and the internet which she used to make herself relevant in the political arena and with a single status update placing Obamacare in the dire straits. Her Facebook fanpage boasts a mighty 2.45 million fans and her Twitter account has a lot of eyes on it!

But today, another Palin is shinning, no-drama-mama Bristol has made it on the TV show “Dancing With The Stars” and managed to defy all bets and steady on till the show’s finale and she has the internet to thank for her run. A well orchestrated campaign has been run by an amalgam of forces united by the goal of keeping her on the show.

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