Kickstarter: Crowd Sourcing Project Funding

A few weeks ago, I was checking Stephen Fry’s Twitter feed and this tweet peaked my interest:

Fry is Offering Some Investment Advice

After I clicked on the link, I was directed to the “OpenVizsla” Open source USB Protocol Analyzer funding page on Kickstarter, The project aims to create a hardware USB signal reader which Stephen Fry invested in. And that was my first introduction to Kickstarter.

So What Is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is one of the largest funding platforms on the web; on any given day you will find a variety of creative, exciting and sometimes downright bizarre projects trying to get funding on the website. Practically anybody with an idea, yet cash stripped to implement it, can place take a chance and place his idea on the website.

So How Does Work?

Some of the Projects That Are Open For Funding

Signing up and posting an idea for funding is completely free of charge. To post a project, you have to agree to the website’s terms and services, and they are pretty articulate about what kind of projects they will allow on their website. Their guidelines explicitly refuse charity fund raising or start-up funding, and emphasize that the main goal for the funding is that it be a finite project rather than a business venture. They also reject funding for the sake of hiring others to implement your idea, for example hiring programmers to design your killer website.

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