10 Ways That Social Media Can Help You Land a Job!

Regardless of your university major and work field, there is always that edge which can help you land a job easier and with less fret. Traditionally, some interpersonal communication skills were required, then we moved to computer knowledge followed up by internet usage techniques.

But those were the old days. Nowadays, things are different and to land a job in a good reputable company or organization, you need some know-hows relating to social media, its channels and its benefits.

Therefore, in order to help you utilize social media for landing a job, I’ve prepared a list of the top 10 ways in which social media can be used to boost your resume and give you an edge over other applicants.

1. Create a Blog:

Blogs are usually a portal to your personality, or at least that’s what many employers would assume. Creating and managing a well organized and creative blog can be an indirect way of showing your employer your strengths when it comes to design, writing or even social media knowledge.

The Addictive Psychology Behind Facebook’s Use & Popularity!

Just as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes tend to have a highly “addictive” quality in their nature, Facebook too can be extremely addictive!” me.

Facebook Cartoon By geek and poke

Facebook Cartoon By geek and poke

Not so long ago, we discussed how the use of social media channels, in general, can cause different types of psychological problems or disturbances and how it can have the ability to negatively influence our mental and emotional health. In another post, we discussed the psychology behind people tweeting.

But how about Facebook? What are its psychological manifestations and the psychology behind it and its use? Is it, too, a threat to our not-so-balanced emotional stability? Why is the use of Facebook so addictive?

A study conducted in 2007, discussing the psychology of Facebook, mentions many mental and emotional issues associated to and resulting from using Facebook and so on.

In order to avoid sounding repetitive by reiterating what others have said regarding this issue, I will state my personal opinion of the subject at hand before reading further about it from my research results.

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