5 Top Free Twitter Time-Saving Applications!

Is social media engagement leading people to aimlessly waste time and effort for no high value in return? Can utilizing social media and monitoring your presence on social channels be optimized? What are the current tools available for Twitter users that aim to boost your Twitter productivity?

In a fast-moving technology cluttered virtual environment, any platform or application specifically designed to save both time and effort embraces a high irreplaceable value to its users and its developers as well. When it comes to certain social media channels, such as Twitter, it is absolutely essential to be aware of the applications that allow you to use those channels efficiently and effectively while reaping the benefits you desire.

Therefore, and in efforts to help you obtain the most value out of your social media experience via Twitter, I prepared for you a list of the 5 top free Twitter time-saving applications and sites available online:

  1. TwitIQ: A service which is very similar to Twitter yet offers you added value through options such twitiq_logoas simple “retweet” and “reply” buttons which save time and hassle, in addition to the ability to add and remove followers without leaving the site, both easily and quickly.
  2. Twitter for Busy People: a service which allows you to speed read your Tweets! “The idea is that you can skim all the people you’re following and see the latest tweet from each.” 128x128y
  3. Tweetdeck: A very simple and easy to use application that allows you to carry out the regular tweet and retweet functions as well as perform search queries and be notified when someone is searching for you. Tweetdeck also helps users you save time by allowing them to measure their Twitter buzz.
  4. TwitterFeed: A tool that effectively utilizes time through allowing users to update their brandingTwitter account with their most recent blog posts therefore there is no need for manually entering updates into Twitter. (Must see video: Guy Kawasaki on TwitterFeed)
  5. Last but not least, our newly launched Tweepi: We built this tool with the  soul objective of saving time and effort through a unique and fast way to follow and unfollow tweeps with style and quality! tweepi-justlogo-transTweepi works with numbers calculating the number of tweets and retweets a tweep has made in the last week and the follower to following ratio in order to ensure that you follow quality tweeps within a few seconds! Tweepi also enables you to flush deadbeat followers, reciprocate follows and cleanup inactive users.

After listing to you the top 5 free Twitter time-saving applications, I would love to hear your feedback on which of them you use and why? Also, feel free to share any other services or applications that you think can help tweeps capitalize on their time while using Twitter :)

15 Types of Twitter Users: Which Type Do You Think You Are?

Are Twitter users all the same to us or do we have different types of Twitter followers, regardless of their numbers and reasons for being on Twitter? What are the main types of Twitter users and what are their distinctive characteristics?

I am confident that throughout each of our offline daily experiences, we sometimes find ourselves categorizing people into different groups in order to determine how to better deal with them or not deal with them at all for that matter! When it comes to friends, different people have various categorizations of their friends depending on their personalities, behaviors, closeness, actions and common interests, this highly applies to our virtual online experiences, namely in Twitterverse.

I personally enjoy Twitter and the different personalities I encounter every day through tweets and mentions, which is the main basis for the idea behind this post!

Types of Twitter Users (organized from not annoying to very annoying!):

15. The Do-Gooders: Tweeples who put so much effort to provide their followers with valuable information, tips and advice through sharing content and links they find and retweeting valuable tweets.


The Do-Gooders

14. The Dreamers: Those are the tweeples who tweet too many motivational words and optimistic ideas to their followers on a daily basis. These tweeps make you feel as if we are living in a problem-free world and that every story ends with a happy ending.
13. The Thankful Darlings: Tweeples who focus many of their tweets and retweets around giving love and spreading smiles and thank you’s to their followers.


The Thankful Darlings

12. The Conversationalists: These tweeples will ask questions regarding different topics of interest to them, and to others, and based on the retweets they get, they will start valuable discussions with their followers.

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