Google Pretending to Care? — Two New Transparency Tools

Government Requests

Corporate Transparency and user information privacy are hot issues on the net, and with bigger and bigger services, people are becoming more aware that their information is not solely accessible by those whom they decide to share it with. Their information might be shared with hackers, nosy friends, and even governments! Google has released a couple of new services that will address privacy issues and raise the level of transparency that Google has about its interaction with the governments of the world.

The Evolution of a Poking Tool

After Google’s scuffles with the Chinese government and their services being banned in mainland China, Google released a monitoring tool that allows it to keep tabs on China’s blocks of its service and helps inform its users of them. The new tool builds on the “up-time monitor” and expands it to provide information about the traffic from about 200 countries, in it you will be able to get updated information about blocks and traffic to 17 Google services including Youtube.┬áSo blockades such as Pakistan’s 10-day censorship of Youtube in protest for the “draw Mohammed Day” in March can be clearly seen using the Transparency Traffic Report tool, data is delayed by 30-hours so that Google can ensure its authenticity before releasing it to the public.

The Walled Gardens of the Internet

It is one thing for Prince, or whatever name he is going by these days, to proclaim that “the internet is dead” and that “all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.” It is a completely different thing when a respectable tech magazine such as the Wired puts forth the same claim that “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet“.

Content Consumption Time-line

So what are they talking about?

What seems like an outlandish and delusional title actually makes sense once you think about it. The Web as an open and free space is being relegated to secondary status in comparison to other well polished and closed systems and applications that we feel are worth our hard earned money and time. Platforms such as the iPhone, the iPod and other mobile technologies changed the way that we use the web, and made us rely on applications that provide us with just what we need. This move to recreate the open space of the web and shape it into walled gardens and communities that are hidden from both Google and the Web.

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