Verizon CEO: “Technology Will Make Hulu Irrelevant” [video]

The companies that continues to innovate will be able to extend their brand and their business model longer than the people who don’t innovate“. Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon CEO

Hulu connects the physical world with the digital world yet through certain, often less than simple steps. Therefore, and logically speaking, Hulu is bound to become obsolete in a few years because there definitely will be other technologies which will certainly provide even simpler and more innovative grounds to allowing for a more integrated connection between our world and what’s on the web.

Verizon’s CEO refers to the Sixth Sense concept, which was introduced to the world a few months ago. According to him, concepts like these will render other available technologies useless in a few years, and I totally agree: who needs to sit at home to watch the news when it can be streamed at any time and place and projected on to a wall?

Finally and to wrap up this post, I’d like to ask you a few questions: Have you ever used Hulu? Do you agree that it will soon vanish? What other technologies do you know of and which have the ability to take over our world in a few years?

Apple is on the Move: Verizon Should Watch Out! [videos]

“Healthy competition is the fuel for growth and development”.

Big names in the technology arena are bumping each other’s heads in a war dedicated to grab customer attention and further create loyalty! One of those names must be Apple!

Not only does Apple lead a variety of creative, well-studied and effective small battles against Microsoft, it also has a front built for Verizon as well!

In a recent article, it is made clear to us that Apple is cooking something to undermine Verizon’s network. A series of ads is to be launched by Apple “set to obliquely attack Verizon, made in the same mold as its ongoing “there’s an app for that” campaign.”

Apple take a swipe at Verizon – Apple iPhone Ad – What Time’s The Movie?

Apple backs up AT&T with the new ad “multi-people”

But will this campaign really undermine Verizon’s red-blue coverage maps campaign? I mean, if you don’t have signal, you can’t make a call or surf!

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