HOW TO: Create a Kick-ass Facebook Fan Page

One of the main tools that a business should equip its self with in its social media marketing assault is a Facebook Fanpage. No need to get into the “Why” now (but if you insist — those 350 million users should be the only reason that you need) but we are going to be concerning our self with the “How” today.

We will go over where to go to create a Fanpage, some of the applications that you can (have) to install on your page, and how to link with them to produce a great Fanpage that will surely attract Facebookers to it and earn your brand some great exposure.

Getting Started

It can be a bit tricky to find the place to create a new Fanpage on Facebook, since it’s not really pronounced. Therefore, to start off, you will need to go to advertising on the bottom of your Facebook page, then select Pages (second option at the top) and click create a page. After signing up and registering, you will be the proud owner of an over-glorified Facebook profile page and that’s what Facebook calls a Fanpage. Go ahead add your logo, pictures, and information and let’s get started.

The Victoria's Secret PINK

The Victoria's Secret PINK

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