Google’s “Dear Sophie” Bring Tears to Youtube

“The Web Is What You Make It” is Google’s new campaign for its Chrome browser.

Campaign Idea & Objectives:

The idea of the campaign is simple yet emotionally oriented. “Dear Sophie”, the latest ad, shows a father using Google products to catalog his daughter’s life events from birth to a hospital stay for an unnamed illness, to the loss of her baby teeth. He writes her notes using Gmail, for instance, and posts videos of her on YouTube.

The ad is part of Google’s another emotional ad from Google that aired during Glee. That ad supported the LGBT community with a 91-second compilation of “It Gets Better” clips on YouTube.

Campaign Buzz:

“Dear Sophie” currently has around 560,00 views on Youtube although it has been online for a week only! Furthermore, the ad was able to score 6,386 likes and 878 comments so far.

As for the “It Gets Better” ad, it currently has more than 400,00 views on Youtube.

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Although the ad got a few dislikes because viewers worried about privacy issues as well as the purposeful manipulation of people’s emotions just for gaining more users, I loved the ad and the idea of the campaign in general. To me, it is heartfelt and very creative.

So what can we learn from this campaign?

  • People are not always looking for a laugh: One might think that humor is the best way to enter the minds of your audience, it’s not. Sometimes, the tears can bring your audience closer to your brand as well.
  • Find the right social media channel for you: Not every campaign needs exposure on multiple social media channels, remember that when designing your campaign and matching it with the campaign objectives you have in mind.

Finally, did you happen to see this campaign? What did you think of it?

Looking forward to your comments and feedback down below :)

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Go To Cannes, Be Famous and Help an NGO Get Some Exposure on The Way

Youtube and the Cannes Lion are using their global reach to do some good for the world by bringing creatives to NGOs and organizations that could use their talents for their causes.

The Campaign:

On March 17th, the Good Works Youtube channel was launched aiming to highlight briefs from various NGOs around the world that could use a little more exposure. Also, a call to all creatives was issued to pick one of those NGOs and create a video to promote it. The video doesn’t have to be a commercial for the organization itself, it could be an explanation of a marketing strategy or just a presentation of your idea which can be implemented in another NGO.

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Top Youtube Videos of 2010

2010 has been an amazing year when it comes to Youtube, they have expanded to an even wider audience and cemented themselves as a valid platform to host some of the most innovative and successful marketing campaigns of the year.
To commemorate the year Youtube Trends has released Rewind, a time-line celebrating the major milestones, events and in certain cases the tragedies of the year. They also have compiled the top 10 amateur videos that have been submitted to Youtube based on the number of videos.

Japanese “Fit’s” Dance Contest — Learn Social Media By Example

The concept is fairly simple. Get yourself a really popular idol like say Nozomi Sasaki, pair off with another cute guy say Takeru Satou add a chubby tubby girl for comic relief and have them all dance to more addictive than crack musical tune. And just to make sure that it does go viral create a dancing contest around the video and invite everyone to post their videos on Youtube and the one with the most views wins a 100 million Yen (about $10,000). The only rule is that you have to follow the choreography cleary illustrated on the website

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The 1960′s Artist Illustrating Social Media [images]

The 1960′s Artist Illustrating Social Media [images]

The 1960’s Wikipedia Book

French artist Stéphane Massa designed 1960's inspired bookcovers for ten social media services, including Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

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Verizon CEO: “Technology Will Make Hulu Irrelevant” [video]

Hulu is bound to become obsolete in a few years because there definitely will be other technologies which will certainly provide even simpler and more innovative grounds to allowing for a more integrated connection between our world and what's on the web.

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