8 Ways to Use Social Networks in the Classroom

Twitter in Education

Twitter in Education

Earlier, we talked about a few great resources for educators that are available for free online. These services were more focused on education and catering to their needs for creating internal social networking platforms, open-source blackboards and conferencing applications. They were great resources but they all required some amount of set-up and involved a bit of a learning curve to get used to them.

Today we are just going to share some ideas that help educators bring social networks into classrooms, utilizing some of the services that we all use. Ranging from Twitter to Skype we will share 8 ways that they can be used in the classroom.

Create a Twitter Account

Using Twitter for Teacher – Student communication allows for short and quick messages exchange. This is useful for students and teachers to ask questions and might be a great resource for the teacher in the preparation of her class notes allowing her to know which areas to focus on.

10/GUI Multi-Touch Interface: Even better than Apple’s mighty mouse? [video]

Do you remember the first time you pinched an iPhone? Do you remember how efficient, simple and ingenious being able to do that felt? Now try to imagine what you can do to a computer if all your 10 digits are released from the 30 year old shackles of the mouse.

With Apple’s introduction of the new Mighty Magic Mouse, they are exploring the multi-touch frontier for computers and so far it looks promising. 10/GUI takes things to a totally different level. This idea is so logical, so simple, so natural that it’s one of those things that people will be saying to themselves “why didn’t I think of that?“. Hopefully we will be able to see it become a reality soon.

Do you think that such types of new Human-Computer Interfaces will become mainstream in the future?

Is Social Media Pushing TV to its Grave?

How is social media affecting the old, traditional yet long-loved media channel: the television? Is social media slowly pushing television to its grave? How is social media able to encourage less television viewing and promote more Internet usage simultaneously?

Do Larger Social Media Channels Always Have the Upper Hand?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of small scale communities vs. larger more popular ones? Is bigger always better? How does communication differ amongst larger social media channels as opposed to smaller yet more specialized ones?

The Many Ways Social Media Affects Parenting Online & Offline!

The Many Ways Social Media Affects Parenting Online & Offline!

Parents: Always stay within arms reach

How do social media tools, channels and platforms affect parenting habits? Is social media widening or narrowing down the generation gap between parents and children? Are parents able to obtain more advice on good parenting habits through social media than any time before?

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