Google Flu Shot Locator (Maps)

“There’s a thin line between the measures a corporation would go to over power its competitors and its social corporate responsibility efforts; the former might be pure evil yet the latter will always engulf some sort of humanitarian sense.”

Numerous talks have been circling the social media arena claiming that Google is evil and even saying that it is trying to take over the world! Well, as a corporation, a successful one, it is quite “normal” to engage in healthy competition and try to beat your opponents by hook or by crook!

Google's Swine Flu Locator

Google's Swine Flu Locator

But, is Google really evil? I think not for one main reason: Google gives back! Of course Google does marketing and competitive schemes and conspiracies ( like when they announced Google Wave just in time to ruin Bing’s introduction for Microsoft ), however, with their flu monitoring system and now flu shot locator, it seems that they are working hard to pay their dues and live up to their corporate social responsibility!

Apparently, iPhone is also trying to be socially responsible by featuring applications that help fight the N1H1 virus!

From here on, I think the right questions to ask would be: What is the thin line that separates competition from evil? And how much can we disregard the conspiracies of brands and companies for the causes they “claim” to serve?

The Self-Destructing Worm: Crawling into an iPhone Near You!

Within a few days of publishing an article entitled “The iPhone is the worst phone in the world“, the iPhone self-destructing worm came into play. Is Flora Graham clairvoyant? Or is it just that the iPhone is simply going downhill just like any other ex super-hyped, highly-priced technological device about to hit the gutter?

Around 8 months from posting her article: How I learned to stop worrying and love the iPhone, Flora Graham brutally attacks the iPhone in terms of dropping calls, data gaps, poor overall design, relatively short battery life and so on. I am curious here: What brought about this hate after what seemed to be a deeply entrenched “love” relationship built on trust and respect for the phone’s features and the tools it provides?

Ikee iPhone Wallpaper

Ikee iPhone Wallpaper

Personally, I never was interested in buying an iPhone; the Blackberry was more appealing to me due to its highly facilitated and flexible access to e-mails. However, I keep up with the latest technology news and reviews and have never yet, up until the past week, come across such negative reviews about the iPhone then all of a sudden, boom, the iPhone’s fairly good reputation starts heading down hill!

The 21-year-old hacker, Ashley Towns, has written a worm – a type of self-replicating computer program similar to a virus, that changes the iPhone’s wallpaper to show a picture of 80’s pop singer Rick Astley and displays the message “ikee is never going to give you up“.”

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, to what extent are we really safe with technology? And how long can we depend on our phones and even computers to keep our information intact and safe from hacks, spam and / or theft?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts down below :)

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