Everyone’s Doing it! [video]

Creativity is hard to find these days; hundreds of lame and generic advertisements can be a proof of that!

Advertising and PR agencies are constantly looking for the “right” ad concept to present their clients with. They jump up and down, roll over, turn upside down and sometimes even climb on trees in order to create an advertisement which is able to “speak” to the audience, grab their attention, and most importantly get them interested enough to want to own that product or service!

Many advertisers fail to do so, however, some do succeed and they do it with flying colors: Call of Duty – World of Warcraft 2 on Xbox is a perfect example of that!

The ad title is: “Everyone’s doing it!” and there are 2 versions of this ad with more or else the same idea, edge, wits and ability to REALLY capture your attention. Together, the 2 videos below have more than 142,000 views on Youtube!


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