How To Plan the Perfect Trip – & Save Loads of Money

In the first part of this series, I talked about how I plan my trips from gathering information about a country and its attractions, to picking the right hotel room or checking what events are going on in town. In this part, I’ll be talking about how to find out about the best deals, last minute offers and packages and any corners that you can cut to get more bang for your buck.

Booking the Trip

When I’m flexible with my plans (or procrastinating) and working with a shoe string budget I hit to get an idea of what my options are; it never fails to inspire. Aside from being able to search through many internet sites for the best and cheapest deals that fit your budget, it also has a great Twitter Stream. It offers a real-time search for the best deals offered on Twitter and there is always a chance to catch some awesome fire sale offers on there.

Some of the best deals are offered on Twitter

Some of the best deals are offered on Twitter

I usually like to compare deals and prices that I get on the web and hence I love, too.  Kayak allows searching across several online booking sites like Expedia, Orbitz and others along with their own site, giving the option of comparing them head to head and picking the cheapest deal. The flexible date search option, which requires you to register with them, is always helpful to make sure you get the best price.

How to Plan the Perfect Trip – Where & When to Go On It

I went on a trip to Istanbul recently, and after coming back, I was on Facebook checking some of the pictures that people took of the trip. It was truly exciting to see what each one of them focused on in their pictures and the moments they captured. As I was flipping through the pictures, and adding those friends that I met on the trip to my Facebook, it dawned on me how different traveling nowadays is compared to even a decade ago.

This trip would have been a completely different experience if it wasn’t for social networking sites and the internet. So that sparked the idea to track how exactly the internet shaped this trip.

The marriage of Travel and the Net

The marriage of Travel and the Net

With a two part series, I’ll be discussing the tools and sites that helped make this trip a success without tearing a hole in my pockets. If you like this post, remember to subscribe to our feed in order not to miss part 2.


There is no denying how influential sites like Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum, and TripAdvisor have been in helping me decide where to stay, what to see and how to plan my days on the trip.

Facebook: Facts and Figures Infograph [image]

Now the fact that Facebook has a lot of users, more than 400 million of them, is pretty well known by now but there are some more starling figures that are included in this infograph by Some of the more interesting figures are that more than 50% of active users log on to Facebook on any given day, that must put quite a bite of load on their servers and it’s surprising that you can’t remember the last time that Facebook was offline or crashed and that is an amazing feat!

Don’t Piss on Youtube Because Google TV Might Just Piss on You!

More and more people are watching TV on the web on Youtube and Hulu. Those people proved everyone in the television industry wrong because they believed people will not sit and watch an hour long show on their computer screens. This instinct to fight change comes naturally to all industries, they are just too slow to react to revolutions in technology, the music industry is still fighting with tooth and nail to maintain its hegemony on distribution.

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