10 Most Influential Internet Moments That Got Left Out by Webby

Webby, just like everywhere else on the net, got into the “top of the decade” craze and released their own list of the top ten most influential Internet moments of the last decade stretching from 2000-2009. They covered Craig’s list expansion outside San Francisco in year 2000, Wikipedia and Facebook’s launch as well as Obama’s campaign. Go ahead, give it a read.

Webby Top of the Decade

Webby Top of the Decade

Now, that is a great list but for something as life changing as the internet, especially in the last decade where it became an integral part of everyone’s life, we at the Thoughtpick blog felt there are some items that fell through the cracks. The following is our own version of what we think got left out by Webby’s list:

1. The rise of Blogging

Everyone has a story to tell, and there has never been an easier way to share yours. Blogging allowed everyone to circumvent the public and reach their audience directly and for free. They went even beyond that when they became a reliable and valuable source of information and news.

Fact: Real-time Search Satisfies 40% of User Queries!

An interesting white paper published at OneRiot’s blog claims that 40% of users’ search queries across major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are best satisfied by real-time search results. That is, indeed, quite an impressive number that shows the huge potential market for real-time search engines. It also – somehow – explains the huge buzz around Twitter and the continuous talk about the potential threat it poses to other traditional search engines, especially Google.

Real-time search engines fail to gain market share

Aside from Twitter, other – recently emerged – real-time search engines are finding a hard time proving their business model and gaining market share, in spite of the potential huge market. We, here at Thoughtpick, have been monitoring this market since our coverage of 9 real-time search engines a few months ago. Unfortunately, according to compete stats, there has been no major gains in the last 3 months, on the contrary, most services showed a decline in numbers of visitors. In fact, OneRiot which is the most successful in this category, with 150k more visitors than its second competitor Twingly, shows a drop of 100k visitors in the last 3 months.

Oneriot.com, Twingly, Collecta, Socialmention and Scoopler traffic [compete.com]

Oneriot, Twingly, Collecta, Socialmention and Scoopler traffic

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