5 Reasons Why Parents HATE Facebook & Ways to Limit the Damage!

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook… The infamous social media channel that almost everyone around the world have heard of!

Have you ever wondered how parents might think of it?

I have, therefore, I prepared a list of 5 reasons why parents can hate Facebook especially when it comes to their kids using it, followed up by some tips and pointers that could help parents in their struggle to give their kids some freedom while making sure they are safe.

1. Easy come, easy go…

Facebook applications, especially those like Cafe World and Farmville, teach kids that everything could be achieved with just a click or a few. Many parents consider this very negative because it effects the way their children are growing up and alters their image of reality!

Sorority Life Facebook Game — Apps Using Social Media Brilliantly!

This new series of articles on Thoughtpick – Apps Using SM Brilliantly – will be looking into examples of tricks and methods that online games and applications are using to make the most of social media. In other words, what is making those apps as “spreadable” and “viral” as they are.

The Application:

Today’s brilliant app is Sorority Life developed by Playdom. Playdom is “committed to bringing people everywhere together through the world’s best social games. Playdom is a top game developer on Facebook and MySpace, and to date, more than 130 million Playdom games have been installed across multiple, leading platforms”.

There are currently around 1,865,034 fans on this application’s Facebook Fanpage as well as 3,507,361 monthly active users!

What They Did:

If the application’s users and name are not enough to get you thinking: big time SOCIAL, then here are some of the ways I can show you just how social this application is:

  • Attack, slap or ban other players: makes it essential for users to be involved in order to retaliate!

Attack, Slap or Ban?

Introducing Google TV — Be Careful What You Wish For! [video]

When I first heard about Google TV, my initial reaction was: “Wow! Everything I need in my living room or even bedroom… A dream that is actually materializing into something tangible!”. But…

Why is Facebook Panicking about the Panic Button? Thoughts & Insights

It seems that sex offenders, murderers and stalkers are seeing Facebook as a great and effortless platform for seducing and attracting children and causing tremendous disturbances in families and in the overall safety of the community!

An Interview with a Pre-Social Media Dinosaur!

An Interview with a Pre-Social Media Dinosaur!

Face-to-Face Communication... Heading to the grave!

In efforts to lay down the facts for you about the difference between pre-social media times and the times we live in now, we decided to interview someone who witnessed life through less geeky eyes. Someone who was there before the internet grew to become one of life's necessities.

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20 Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons for January 2010

20 Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons for January 2010

Friends on Facebook! By Dan Moynihan

Thoughtpick team would like to present you with our sixth fun collection of social media and networking related cartoons, jokes and clips!

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Internet Freedom: A Hoax or a Reality?

Internet Freedom: A Hoax or a Reality?

Internet Freedom?

Are we really holding our "precious" freedom in our hands? Are we appreciating it as we should? Are we conscious of how our actions might negatively influence the health and sanity of our freedom? I think not!

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Obama Warns: Facebook is a BIG BAD Wolf! [video]

In the two videos below, Obama warns about posting pictures or personal information on Facebook. Whether this is this another PR stunt or not, is not clear to me however it seems that even Obama has been stung by Facebook just like Zuckerberg was a few weeks ago!

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Supernova 2009: Taking Data Seriously [video]

Andreas Weigend talks about the revolution of the web and how important it is to "take data seriously"...

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Verizon’s New Campaign Rocks! Should AT&T Be Scared? [video ads]

Some brands know how to use social media to their advantage while others don't! It's a rather simple statement that doesn't need too much explanations or justifications. I mean with all the noise out there, getting your message through needs certain elements and variables which, when ignored, could turn against you.

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