Learn Social Media by Example: Chocolate Grasshoppers!

The Grasshopper campaign is unique for various aspects, whether it’s the method they chose to contact their audience or how they did it. All in all, it’s a campaign that achieved it’s goals and exceeded them by taking a very unique approach to everything.

What is it about?

Edible Grasshoppers

Edible Grasshoppers

: 5/5
: 5/5
: 5/5
: No
: 2/5

Twitter Tips: Best Way to Track ’em Tweets

In the past, brands and websites expected the conversations to be carried on their own website, but the situation has drastically changed nowadays. Nowadays, comments and mentions can occur on many different platforms and services and it’s hard to keep up with the conversation if you are not using the appropriate tool(s).

One of the most popular platforms is Twitter, and you would want to be in-the-know about what people are talking on it. Tracking conversations and mentions on Twitter can be a bit mind boggling and time consuming but if you use the right tool for the job then you’ll be able to get ahead.

Tracking a Bunch of Websites Really Quick



If you are interested in checking Twitter mentions of several websites and pages that don’t fall under any specific topic then you need to use Kutano. Kutano is the easiest way to check any Twitter mention of a webpage. All you have to do is go to their website and install the appropriate plug-in for your browser and then sign up and log in to the service.

After logging in, you will be able to find mentions of the website using the “Tweets on Page” icon. As an added bonus, you can also check if anyone had any discussion points on that webpage as well. Discussions are tweets that don’t directly link to the page but mention it either with a related  hashtag or keyword.

This is really useful if you are trying to gauge the popularity of a page, or to see the type of people who mention it and what they say about it with a couple of clicks.

Liberate Your Web 2.0 Soul with Facebook Suicide!

Do you feel you are missing out on your real life? Do you feel you don’t have control over your time? Well then you should consider a web 2.0 suicide! All you have to do is go to Web 2.0 suicide machine and sign out forever.

5 Tips for Artists to Create their 1000 True Fans

All artist might already be swimming in the social media sea. They are already befriended thousands and thousands of people on MySpace and Facebook. They are already spamming every denizen on the web with posts and message about how great they are and how people should vote for them on the latest Facebook competition. Somehow all those people who fully the “Social Media for Artists” books tend to miss the point completely.

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