Sit on My Facebook! – Internet “Love” Song by The Scribes [Video]

Once upon a time there was the love that we all knew, but then came a different kind of love, one which takes intimacy to a whole new level! This type of love is called the “internet love“.

In short, and without trying to glorify the topic, this generation of youth redefines love in terms of social media and internet terms, channels, tools and websites! Love is transformed from actions in real life to any other virtual actions such as poking, messaging, tagging, befriending of Facebook, tweeting and so on.

By chance, I came across this sarcastic video and it fully explains what I am talking about. I present to you: Sit on My Facebook!

What do you think: Do you feel sad about how love is being perceived these days? Do you agree that it is unnerving how social media and the internet use our feelings and emotions to grow and expand?

Looking forward to your comments below…

8 Ways to Use Social Networks in the Classroom

Twitter in Education

Twitter in Education

Earlier, we talked about a few great resources for educators that are available for free online. These services were more focused on education and catering to their needs for creating internal social networking platforms, open-source blackboards and conferencing applications. They were great resources but they all required some amount of set-up and involved a bit of a learning curve to get used to them.

Today we are just going to share some ideas that help educators bring social networks into classrooms, utilizing some of the services that we all use. Ranging from Twitter to Skype we will share 8 ways that they can be used in the classroom.

Create a Twitter Account

Using Twitter for Teacher – Student communication allows for short and quick messages exchange. This is useful for students and teachers to ask questions and might be a great resource for the teacher in the preparation of her class notes allowing her to know which areas to focus on.

Health Radar: Mobile Real Time Disease Tracking [video]

When it comes to health issues, one of the major challenges of controlling the outbreak of any disease is real time information. The internet has already proved quite pivotal in tracking the outbreak of the H1N1(swine flu) Virus. Twitter, Google , and Wikipedia have been all excellent tools in obtaining real time information about the outbreak and this was certainly crucial in controlling the outbreaks.

5 Feel Good Things You Can Do on the Web!

… my findings give the impression that, if anything, the internet enabled many acts of kindness to occur. According to some, the whole internet could collapse if it weren’t for those acts of kindness. So here are some places on the net where kindness is alive, well and plentiful!

Vote: Is Wikipedia credible enough for Google News?

Vote: Is Wikipedia credible enough for Google News?

"Too Many Eyes" By: Ken Sotrch

Out of the hundred news sources we know, which ones can be trusted and can considered as truly accurate resources? Is Google doing the right thing when thinking of adding Wikipedia as articles as a source for Google News?

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