Facebook’s New “Check-In” Service: An Illusion of Utopia?

Facebook Geo

When I first started reading about this new service on Wired, I was tricked into thinking that it simply lets you “check-in” at a place and send a notification to your friends who are nearby. Just then I thought: “Great, another privacy screw up, yet I am sure no one will care!

However, when I started reading further down, I began to think than things might be a little bit more complicated when it comes to this service!

Facebook VP, Chris Cox: “Stories are going to be pinned to a physical location so that in 20 years our children will go to Ocean Beach and their phone will tell them this is the place their parents had their first kiss, and here’s the picture they took afterwards, and here’s what their friends had to say.”

An Illusion of Utopia?

I am not a pessimist however, I wonder: Are the Facebook people living in a dream of utter utopia? I mean I understand what they are trying to do but didn’t they think of the other side of this argument? What if someone went somewhere and “checked-in” then had an accident? A huge fight with a partner? Was robbed or even raped? Would they want to carry this “memory” with them for years after? Would they really want their grandchildren to know about it?

21 Twittering Objects, Appliances and Animals! Ridiculous or Useful?

TwitterBirdsWhen Facebook first introduced status updates, it was interesting reading the continuous updates of people in my friends list. Different people used it in different ways; most used it to inform others about their current status, but some took it too far and were – ridiculously – reporting nearly every single action they do. Then Twitter appeared with the question “What are you doing?”, and took the obsession of status updates to a whole new level. Today, not only people report what they do, but also objects, appliances and even animals do as well!

We looked around the Web for non-human twitterers beside the commonly known news (and spam) bots and brought you the following list – some ridiculous and some useful:

1. Tweeting Plant:

You don’t have to worry – anymore – about knowing when your plant is thirsty and in need of water, it will tell you by itself! @Pothos is a tweeting plant that sends status updates to Twitter and defines a new way of communication between plants and human beings!

@pothos - The tweeting plant

@pothos - The tweeting plant

2. Tweeting Toilet:

Yes! Your toilet can post to Twitter every flush – that is if you want the world to know about it -!  Follow @hacklabtoilet for this guy’s toilet updates!

The tweeting toilet!

The tweeting toilet!

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