5 Social Media Tools Must Haves for Small Businesses

With as many social media services as there are fish in the ocean, it gets very confusing for anyone to keep up with what’s what. While early adopters are raving about which service will be this year’s darling, for small businesses kicking off their social marketing campaign this discussion is completely irrelevant. To get their feet on the ground and establish a presence on social media, they really need to start off with 5 basic services. Now that doesn’t mean those services will be the end all of all services, they are just the essentials and are going to be the framework with which SMB will build upon in the future.



What's my name

A consistent brand is essential to any marketing presence, the name check website is a great tool to allow you to secure your brand’s name on the top social media sites, even if you don’t plan on using all of them.

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