10 Tips on How to Get Your Writing Groove Back!

Following my muse has worked out pretty well so far. I can’t see any reason to change the formula now”. Chris Van Allsburg

I have always been a great fan of the word “muse”. It has been the driving force behind each and every piece I write, whether on my personal blog or for Thoughtpick. Regardless what the topic might be, I have always found my muse there; leading me towards a certain writing style or approach.

To Blog or Not to Blog!

To Blog or Not to Blog!

However, the muse is a little moody, conniving fox! It can run away from you and leave you dry of ideas; you can’t think of anything new or creative to write!

That’s okay if you are writing for your personal blog but really negative when you are a writer for a certain blog or even if your own blog is business related! Imagine being a writer for Mashable for example, yet having nothing to write about!

Therefore, and strictly from experience, I decided to share with you the top ten tips of getting your writing groove back!

1. Get Away!

And I mean that in every way possible! Don’t try to force yourself into writing; nothing good will come out of it! Just stay away! Put your laptop off and go out for a walk or watch a movie; anything which is as far away as possible for the topics you are supposed to write about!

Is Digg really “Dead”: Statistics Show Otherwise!

A recent article published via CNET claims that “Digg is dead“! It then goes on to blame both Facebook and Twitter for the “kill” and the “burial”. I tend to highly disagree.

1. In terms of statistics…

Digg seems to be fresh, attractive and so much alive with a high number of active visitors. (Kindly refer to the figure below)

Digg's rank on Alexa.com (ranking 105 as of Nov 09)

Digg's rank on Alexa.com (ranking 105 as of Nov 09)

2. In terms of loyalty…

Digg users would not necessarily switch to Twitter or Facebook; these two do not merely compete in terms of their use and their platforms.

3. From a blogger’s perspective…

Bloggers feel the “need” for Digg, more than any other social media tool or site, in order to “drive traffic to their blogs in ways that even Twitter can’t match,” says blogger DavidRGilson. It also “helps offer a lot of blog exposure and fast indexing,” another blogger adds.

So, what I’m wondering about now is this: Based on the above realizations, how is Digg dead according to Ian Morris of CNet? Was that post really written in efforts to spite Digg because they banned the writer? Or is there something we are not being told?

Stephen Fry: Impressive Reflections on Social Media [videos]

Social Media has impacted human societies in many different way, some people tend to resist changes that impact society fabrics and others focus on how the new youth generation behaves. Social Media has also been a force for democracy, it empowered people to have their own broadcast channels. Stephe Fry, the famous British author reflects on all of that in this video interview.

50 Top Noise-Free Twitter Tips in Social Media, Marketing, SEO & Design! Part 4

Below you will find our fourth specialized well researched list of 50 Top Twitter Tips and Links divided into 5 distinctive categories: 1) Social Media & Technology, 2) Marketing & Advertising 3) Design, 4) SEO, 5) Motivational & More.

You’re not a writer? Try Tumblelogs!

You’re not a writer? Try Tumblelogs!

Example Tumblelog (http://project.ioni.st/)

Many of us dream to have the ability to express ourselves fully and openly to the world surrounding us. Many often opt to, maybe one day, become great writers, and have the ability to write about what we feel, what we learn, the things we see, our experiences, the sensations we go through and the […]

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